Gift of Sight

Gift of Sight

Don't leave them in the dark

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Key Facts

Cost is the most frequently cited barrier to accessing visual health services in Pakistan

76 % of people who experience vision loss or blindness due to untreated cataracts say that the prohibitive cost of surgery left them without care

Lack of access to proper healthcare has left thousands blind in Mali

An estimated 22,000 people in Mali are blind due to untreated and preventable conditions

Nearly 1/2 million people suffering from preventable blindness in Niger will not receive care

With so few ophthalmologists in the country, it's near impossible for everyone to get the healthcare they need

Save Their Sight

Over 50% of world blindness is curable

Just being able to see this means you’ve got an advantage over countless people around the world. Millions who suffer from blindness face economic barriers, preventing them from accessing the medical care they need.

Through our Gift of Sight program, we provide optical check-ups, medication, and cataract removal surgery to women, children, and men in Mali, Niger, and Pakistan.

Our clinics make treatment available to all, with those who would otherwise be unable to afford healthcare benefitting from the free services.

Your donations can bring them out of the dark, give the gift of sight today.

Give the gift of sight

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